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Support for Crossroads

In September 2011, Crossroads Public School opened its doors for the first time, ushering in a new era of education for the children of Col. John Butler and Virgil Public Schools.  Serving approximately 450 children and their families, Crossroads is both an educational and community hub as children, parents, staff and community members gather to learn, share and grow together.  The motto “Two Great Schools – One Bright Future” is most fitting.

All necessities for learning will be provided in our state of the art facility, but we hope to offer additional opportunities for our children to grow physically (i.e., playground equipment, team uniforms) and educationally (i.e., SMARTBoards, laptops).  Acquisition of these “extras” will require fundraising, and we hope, the continued generous support of our community. 

The Crossroads Vine of Learning is a program designed to honour donors for their support of our school.  The benefit to children will be immeasurable as they experience enhanced educational opportunities as a direct result of caring businesses and people like you.

To learn more about the Crossroads Vine of Learning, click on the link below.

Crossroads Vine of Learning