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In our full day Kindergarten program, four and five year old students develop socially and emotionally through interaction with their peers and the adults who teach and guide them, in a play-based learning environment. They also develop their capacity in language and mathematics, and engage in healthy physical activities and the arts. A new curriculum, entitled The Kindergarten Program, has been developed by the Ministry of Education.

Certified teachers and registered early childhood educators complement each others’ skill sets and create a learning environment able to adapt to the unique needs of your child, and support them in the first years of their educational career at Crossroads. The inquiry approach adapted in all of the Kindergarten classrooms fosters curiosity, well-being, belonging, and critically important skill-development and habits of mind, through the evidence-based optimal context for learning: play.

We look forward to welcoming your Coyote Pup to our "Pack"!

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