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Staff 2021 - 2022


Please click on the Home room teacher's name to access your child's D2L login.

 Principal Mrs. K. Fish [email protected]
 Vice Principal Mrs. M. Brewster [email protected]
 Secretaries Mrs. L. Neufeld [email protected]
Mrs. K. Eden-Smith [email protected]
 Caretakers Mr. M. Klassen  
Mrs. H. Zelic  
Mr. J. Pyper  

 Full Day


Mrs. T. Lisi and Ms. C. McDougall

[email protected]

[email protected]

Mrs. B. Bartel & Mrs. Witcomb

[email protected]

[email protected]

Mrs. L. Ruller (am)

Mrs. Romanowich (pm) and Ms.  R. Larcombe  

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

 Grade 1

Mrs. T. Moretton

[email protected]
 Grade 1/2 Ms. V. DeBrouwer [email protected]
Mrs. A. Inglis [email protected]
 Grade 2/3 Mrs. R. Pagendam [email protected]
Ms. Komandanski [email protected]
 Grade 3 Mrs. T. Anderson [email protected]
 Grade 3/4 Mrs. H. Smith [email protected]
 Grade 4 Mrs. A. Whitwell [email protected]
 Grade 4/5 Mrs. D. Smith [email protected]
 Grade 5 Mme L. Guido [email protected]
 Grade 6-1 Mrs. A. Bereczky [email protected]
 Grade 6-2 Mrs. Olsen [email protected]
 Grade 6/7 Ms. F. Ho [email protected]
 Grade 7 Mr. L. Reschke [email protected]
 Grade 7/8 Mrs. S. Barlow [email protected]
 Grade 8 Mrs. R, Krake [email protected]
 French Mme M. Zoccoli [email protected]
Mme D. Peters [email protected]

 Phys. Ed &

 Learning Resource

Mr. S. Holowchuk [email protected]
 Arts & Math Ms. L. Willms [email protected]
 Learning Resource

Ms. Edmands

[email protected]


Mrs. L. McMullen [email protected]
 Education Assistants Miss O. Allen [email protected]
Mrs. K. Beaudette [email protected]
Miss S. Burton [email protected]
Ms. E. Jordan-Smith [email protected]
Mrs. S. Kimberley [email protected]
Lunch Room   Supervisors Miss E. Kesson  
Ms. J. Polihronis  
Ms. J. Rozell  
Mrs. T. Vassiliev  
Mrs. C. Unruh