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School Council

Crossroads Public School is most fortunate to have an active group of parents and staff participating in monthly School Council Meetings. These dedicated people spend time discussing issues that impact the educational experience for all Crossroads students ranging from programs to parent engagement and fundraising to future trends.

All Crossroads parents are invited to attend School Council meetings. Meeting dates and times are published in our monthly newsletters and calendars, but meetings are generally on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Crossroads School Learning Commons (library).  You are always welcome!



Chair(s) Katherine Dodd  
Secretary Melissa Saxton  
Treasurer Amanda Fretz  
Home Show

Amber Dyck, Lianne Lambert and Ashleigh Dixon

Gift Cards Amanda Fretz  
Magazines Melissa Saxton  
Outdoor Classroom Lianne Lambert  
Hot Lunches Lisa Laughton and Lesley Bartel  

2018 NOTL Home Show Information

Home Show Registration for GYM here

Home Show Registration for CLASSROOM here